CK Zamek / Poznań
4-5 / XI / 2022
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ŚWIATŁODŹWIĘKI 2022 is the seventh edition of this audiovisual art festival which aims to present the most important productions of the European and Polish artistic environment that work to fuse the visual and musical areas of art into one integral aesthetic experience. It is organised by the Fundacja Wspierania Kultury Our ‘PL’ace Foundation.

ŚWIATŁODŹWIĘKI is concerts, a jam session and lecture-presentations, during which visual artists and artist-scientists will tell the public about the newest trends in European art and about the ever-growing connections between art and technology. The new inroads that art is constantly making will be presented, that audiences may better track the current developments in the audiovisual scene.

All the events are free to attend. Tickets may be picked up at the box office of the Imperial Castle (CK Zamek). The festival is co-funded by the City of Poznań, 4Kraft, the CK Zamek and the Institute of Slovakia in Warsaw.

Artists of Światłodźwięki Program of the Festival

Artists of Światłodźwięki

Paweł Krupski

Graphic designer, illustrator and animator. Co-founder of the Światłodźwięki festival and the author of its visual identification.

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Cheslav Singh

Cheslav Singh is a Canadian pianist based in London with international performance and pedagogical experience.

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Zdzisław Piernik

Polish tuba player - virtuoso. He was the first in Poland to introduce harmonics, glissandos, frullato and multi-sounds into tuba playing. He integrates trumpet, saxophone and trombone bells with the tuba and uses bassoon, flapper and saxophone mouthpieces, and various mufflers. This procedure turns the tuba into an instrument with four different tim

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Doron Sadja

An American artist, composer, educator, and instrument designer whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space.

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Fero Király

Slovakian sound artist. He participates in artistic projects on the border of performance, sound-art and sound installations. He deals with interpretations of contemporary music, the development of audiovisual instruments and educational projects in the field of music, multimedia and creative coding.

About the artist

Martin Messier

For more than 15 years, Martin Messier has created works in which sound meets images and objects. In the form of performances and installations – with a choreographic tone – , these works place the body front and centre.

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Dance-performance duo: Yoenna and Wiktoria Dudek.

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Jakub Królikowski

Composer and improviser/pianist. Co-founder of Światłodźwięki.

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Peter Gonda (a.k.a. gnd)

Theatre director, audiovisual provocateur, VJ, radio presenter, computer scientist and Pure Data maniac.

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