The music oscillates between ambient, hypnotic compositions and dynamic improvisations, often accompanied by a characteristic beat known to audiences from electronic dance music. Abstract visuals, in which impressions of the sounds are immediately interpreted into light, colours and geometries. Together, an intense audiovisual experience is presented.

The project was founded by four artists: Jakub Królikowski, Paweł Ernst, Cheslav Singh i Paweł Krupski.

The now decade long work of this group, patroned by the curator Teresa Nowak, aided the initiation of the annual audiovisual art festival, ŚWIATŁODŹWIĘKI.

The group has composed two Audiovisual Suites:

Suita AV No. I “a=b=x=y” For violin, piano, electronics and site-specific projections. Premiered: Poznań 2012 at Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna, cykl Moja Muzyka CK Zamek.

Suita AV No. I “Bis” Arrangement for string orchestra, violin, piano, electronics and site-specific projections. Sedinum Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Paweł Ernst Premiered: Szczecin 2015

Suita AV No. II “Encephalon” (inspired by the structure of the human brain) For 5-stringed violin, prepared piano, electronics, projections and symphony orchestra. Symphony Orchestra of the Academy of Art, Szczecin Conductor: Norbert Twórczyński Premiered: Poznań 2017


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