Marti Guillem Ciscar

Multimedia artist from Valencia, Spain. Martí manipulates sound devices and objects that make unique, ephemeral propositions. He is obsessed with the idea of using the simplest elements possible, and expanding the possibility of their usage.

His work normally exposes social habits and the relations between creativity and everyday objects (and their sound producing possibilities). Martí Guillem is one of those musicians who is constantly playing, experimenting, mixing, collaborating and organizing things to do in the sound world. As an improviser he has been engaged in different groupings, like the ultra-noise band AttA (with Avelino Saavedra), LOM or ESOC (és amor) - strange projects, which could be described as the result of Lady Gaga and Merzbow meeting in Valencia.

Besides varied projects and activities, Martí is constantly engaged in perfecting his own personal projects, which connect simple, everyday objects and explore their sound-producing capabilities in depth. At Światłodźwięki, he will perform on authored electronic, audiovisual instruments consisting of light bulbs, sensors, converters, speakers etc.

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