The audiovisual duo FLORAFABRIK consists of Jakub Królikowski - composer, pianist, performer and Paweł Krupski - illustrator, draftsman, music visualization designer, who deals with the digital creation of visual material live, often with the help of electronic instruments that generate images instead of sound. The field recordings consist of sounds from nature and industry. The guiding principle is to transform the natural sounds to resemble industrial sounds and vice versa.The same principle manifests itself in the visual layer - images, shapes and forms captured in nature are transformed live so that they resemble industry and civilization, and materials of industrial origin - to resemble nature. Visualizations are often displayed on objects and in the site-specific space as a metaphor for discovering new layers of reality that were previously hidden. Review: https://tygodnikbydgoski.pl/kultura/festiwal-art-mintaka-inspiracja-poplynela-z-gwiazd-recenzja (accessed: 30.09.2022) Film: https://vimeo.com/54165392

Florafabrik is The place where nature accepted industry Desolate factories, budding with grasses That which was new, is now destroyed That which is left, keeps happening The foundations of new quality The sounds of industry and nature exist together Light and colour are the building block of space Nature and factories create, together, the base Of new manifestations

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