dr Ireneusz Gawlik

In love with machine learning and data science. Currently, he leads the Machine Learning Research team at Allegro. He is still working on a doctorate in machine learning at AGH in Krakow.

Responsible for creating the ML Research Lab, dedicated to solving difficult business problems using the most modern machine learning algorithms. His responsibilities include creating and supervising 6 teams (over 30 research engineers), participating in research projects, writing scientific papers, and creating an encouraging research environment that motivates the sharing of knowledge.

He has been strategically involved in creating a long-term strategy for BigData and AI, working with business leaders (including C-level) to find new frontiers of Machine Learning innovation. On a daily basis, he looks for synergies in order to facilitate the adoption of ML in various domains. Projects in ML Research Lab include search relevance (positioning), recommendations, visual searches (learning the similarity of images in e-commerce), understanding of assortment, customer service automation (mainly NLU in Polish) and search engine marketing optimization.

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