Peter Gonda (a.k.a. gnd)

Theater director, audiovisual provocateur, VJ, radio presenter, programmer and Pure Data maniac. He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science (2007) and a master’s degree in cognitive sciences (2009) from the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at Comenius University in Bratislava. He also graduated in theater direction from the DAMU Theater Academy in Prague (2018).

He has directed theatrical performances such as Naggnaggg (2011), Endgame (2012), Sarajevo (2013), Neklid (2014), Peklo je taky jenom sauna (2015), Posledný případ Detektíva Konečníka (2015), Sión (2016), Rilato (2017). ) and ATISMIA (2018), often using casts of non-actors or of mixed actors/non-actors. Gnd is also a member of the Prague-based Kolektiv, a loose collection of algorithmic and visual music makers, where he codes live in environments such as Pure Data and GLSL.

His other projects include real-time video synthesis for Brion’s experimental electronic projects Poo i 1 / x (Daniel Tóth), collaboration with Michal Cáb and Markéta Cilečkova on a real time audiovisual remake of works by Brion Gysin and W.S. Burroughs, and the development of Pure Data tools for P.A.T. Theater Bratislava.

He is a co-founder of BURUNDI media lab (2004-05) and the Itchy bit collective with Anna Filip and Michal Čudrnák (2005-). He worked first as a speaker, later as editor-in-chief, at Radio Tlis in Bratislava. Since 2007, he has advised and developed a free streaming platform for the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. From 2008, together with Dušan Barok, he has been the administrator of the free Sanchez culture server, affiliated with the Multiplace network. Together with Lucia Udvardyova, he founded the Easterndaze project in 2009, devoted to the exploration of young, alternative music scenes in Central and Eastern European countries, and later co-founded the Baba Vanga record label, which releases experimental electronics.

He was born in Košice, lived in Bratislava and Prague.

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