Jakub Królikowski

Composer and improviser/pianist. Co-founder of Światłodźwięki. Works with many musicians and artists to ensure mutual inspiration and the creative flow. Passionately carries out his curating activities and tries to connect artists from different geographic regions and environments so as to discover their common denominators.

In his music, he tries to capture and re-create the atmosphere of the “spirit of the era” in order to provoke acoustic connotations, artistic modeling of moods and aesthetic satisfaction in the audience. In line with Mozart’s doctrine, Jakub Królikowski analyzes the language of old and contemporary styles in order to use them in improvisation and to transform them creatively, gradually shaping new sound phenomena and experimental forms arising from repetitive structures. He explores defects as a potential building material for new qualities. He performs futuristic jazz on piano and synthesizers. He explores the original solo style of playing “organic techno”. He composes for various instruments. He searches for relationships between music and other disciplines of art.

He received the Grand Prize at the M. Stachowski Composition Competition, which is under the patronage of Krzysztof Penderecki. He took part in an artistic residence of the Visegrad Fund in Bratislava, where he composed music for animated films by Slovakian artists. He also composed music for the spectacle and film “Noc i Mgła” at the Fort VII Museum of Martyrdom of Greater Poland, produced by Polish Television TVP3 Poznań.

He has performed in Austria, Slovakia, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Georgia, Lithuania and many other European countries, and in Poland at such festivals as Jazz Od Nowa, Nowa Tradycja, Ethnoport, Maltafestival and others. A graduate of Composition and Jazz Piano at the Academy of Music in Poznań. He participates in such projects as Fanfara Awantura, Florafabrik, With Out Identity, Koń, Kartony, Kwartet and others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3AXTxKnTFQ

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