Cheslav Singh

Cheslav Singh is a Canadian pianist based in London with international performance and pedagogical experience.

He has performed internationally at renowned venues (Rome, London, New York, Naples, Paris, Toronto), on radio (RAI 3) and television in many different contexts, playing everything from Beethoven to free jazz. He has been recognized as being able to ‘construct solid geometric sonorities, very well planned…’ and his playing is said to be ‘…engaging and meditative…’ (Massimiliano Cerito, June 2022).

Since 2011, he has been actively involved in contemporary classical music, having co-founded the audiovisual group a=b=x=y. He has appeared as a composer, composing solo pieces, to pieces for a full symphony orchestra.

He remains active in searching for extended playing techniques on the border between acoustic and electronic music, plays the organ, has a keen interest in tuning systems, and is an active student and researcher of Gurbāṇī Saṅgīta, the oldest surviving tradition of Indian Classical Music, having had the immense fortune of being able to work with and for its primary exponent (Bhai Baldeep Singh) since 2013.

He currently teaches piano, music appreciation and a unique authored course on Gurbāṇī Saṅgīta at the London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM: the Classical Music Academy of the 21st Century.)

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