Wojtek Więckowski

Guitarist and painter. He has carried out his artistic projects in Germany, France, England, Belgium, the United States and Australia. For several years he has been living and working in Warsaw. He performs both solo and with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, he co-founded the Śmierć i Łzy supergroup (Mełech, Traczyk, Mokrzewski, Gokieli, Kacperczyk), and also plays in a duet with Patryk Zakrocki.

He has also performed with Jerzy Mazoll, Kawalerami Błotny and many other celebrities of the Polish and foreign contemporary electroacoustic, improvised, jazz and blues music scene. For years, he has been successfully combining concert and exhibition activities. In formal experiments, he looks for the relationship between the means of expression used both in creating music and working on a painting.

He records improvised musical pieces for his paintings, and concerts and openings are accompanied by a multimedia painting projection. He paints on canvas with acrylic paints and printing ink, combining techniques commonly known from abstract expressionism, action painting and graphic monotype techniques.

He made his debut on the phonographic market in 2008 with the album “Slyde Gitar”. He has created music and sound for films, theater performances, poetry slams, poetry and radio plays. In his music, he combines fascination with broadly understood American folk and the avant-garde of the 20th century, ambient, jazz and improvised music.


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