Slávo Krekovič

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Splits his official identity into being a musician and sound artist, musicologist, contemporary music and new media art curator and cultural organizer/nonprofit activist.

Holds a Mgr. (MA) and PhD degree in Musicology and a Master degree in Sonology (Instruments and Interfaces Programme) from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and STEIM. From 2013 to 2017, he was the Head of the Multimedia Studio study programme and Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FaVU) of Brno University of Technology. In 2017, he also lectured at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Musicology.

Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the ¾ cultural magazine, co-founder of Atrakt Art in 2000. Organizer and curator of series of experimental music and multimedia events, including the annual NEXT Festival of Advanced Music (since 2000) and Multiplace new media culture network festival (since 2002). In 2004 co-founded independent cultural centre A4 – Space of Contemporary Culture in Bratislava, where he holds the position of Deputy Director and Music Curator. Producer of recordings of contemporary music on the Atrakt Art label. From 2008 to 2011 he was a curatorial committee member of Melos-Ethos Festival a bi-annual festival of contemporary music in Bratislava. Produced weekly broadcasts Ex Tempore about experimental music for the Slovak Radio and the platform.

Performs music with electronic and interactive instruments solo or as a member of various experimental projects (Voice Over Noise, Shibuya Motors, VRITTI, Musica falsa et ficta, Kapela snů, Feed The Tiger, Bolka/Krekovic). His musical interests are focusing on generativity, complexity, stochastic processes, human-machine interaction, gestural control and improvisation in different contexts using custom software and various hardware devices.

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